Halloween Party Crafts – Paper placemats, favor bags and napkin rings

Create easy and one-of-a-kind party accents for your Halloween party table this year.

You will need:

  • Handmade Marbled Paper in Orange
  • Black Paper – Wide quilling strips, if available
  • Halloween themed printed paper (scrapbook paper, gift wrap etc.)
  • Witch die cuts

Favor Bags

Wrap an A4 sheet of orange handmade paper over a thick book like you would wrap a book but leaving the top open, taping it only from side as shown below. Visible scotch tape is shown only to make instructions clearer. Please use clear tape when making the project.


Slide out the book and glue long, wide strips of Halloween patterned paper on both sides of the center hiding away the tape in the process. Punch two holes at the top. Close flap after filling the pouches and pass the two ends of the ribbon through the holes bringing them to the front and tie a bow.

Place Mats

Lay an A4 sized sheet of handmade orange paper. Glue strips of black paper to both the long edges and add a witch die cut in the top right corner.

Halloween Party Crafts

Napkin Ring

Using a scrap of orange paper, cutout a spiral as shown.

Roll the cut out paper along the spiral cut to form a rose. Apply glue on a strip of black paper and glue the rose to it. Glue the ends of the black strip together to form the ring.