Halloween Paper Crafts – Cat Bag and Ghost Chain

Halloween is drawing close and we bring for you some more ideas to get creative with your Halloween decorations. Craft a Black Cat Bag for treats and a Ghostly paper chain to decorate any nook that went unnoticed.

Halloween Cat Basket

Black Cat Basket - Halloween paper crafts

Trace pattern pieces onto black bristol board, and pink and white paper. With scissors, cut out along solid lines. With X-acto knife, gently score along broken lines. Along scores, fold into basket as shown by arrows; glue flaps to inside. Glue on eyes and nose. At each X, punch hole. Slip handle inside basket, aligning holes; secure with small brass fastener (available at stationery stores).

Ghostly Paper Chain

Ghostly Paper Chain - Halloween paper crafts

Accordian-fold 18 cm (7-in) wide strip of white paper into 14 cm (5-in) segments. Lay pattern on folded stack, trace. With scissors, cut out along solid lines only.


Patterns for Halloween paper crafts