No Sew Halloween Felt Placemat

Create a pretty looking Halloween table setting with easy no sew felt placemats decorated with stenciled painted designs.

No Sew Halloween Felt Placemat


  1. Craft Felt – Orange and White
  2. Halloween Stencil – We have used here Plaid Simply Stencils ‘Party Pumpkins’ No. 28156
  3. Acrylic Paints – Orange and Green
  4. Decorative edged scissors
  5. Permanent Fabric Adhesive Spray

How to:

1. Cut out a rectangle from the white felt about an inch smaller on all sides than the desired width of your placemat.

2. Position your stencil on the white felt and tape it in place.

3. Color in the stencil using a brush or sponge.

4. When dry, carefully lift off the stencil. Iron on back side to set the paint permanently.

5. Trim all 4 edges of the white rectangle using decorative edged scissors.

6. Cut out a rectangle from the orange felt of your desired mat size.

7. Spray permanent fabric adhesive on the backside and glue the white rectangle on to the orange one.