DIY Vampire Soap Dispenser

A quick and creative craft idea sure to spook your Halloween party guests! Make an easy Vampire soap dispenser using your household supplies and a piece of foam board.

DIY Vampire Soap Dispenser


2 liquid soap dispensers (with red soap, or use red food coloring, just a drop or two for each)
2 rubber bands
piece of plastic foam
magic marker
black garbage bag


  1. Secure the two soap bottles together with a rubber band.
  2. Cut a piece of foam in a circle to serve as the vampire face. Draw a face on the foam with a magic marker.
  3. Press the two spouts through the face where the fangs should appear. Take the face off and draw a mouth where the two “teeth” protrude.
  4. Reattach the face, then wrap the bottles with a piece of black garbage bag (securing with a rubber band around the necks of the bottles) to serve as a cape for the new vampire.