Trick or Treat Chalkboard – Free Halloween Crafts

This cute chalkboard makes a fun decoration for almost anywhere in the house; glue magnets to the back and put it on the refrigerator, attach string to the top corners and hang it on the front door instead of a wreath, use a picture stand to display it on a table or mantle, or attach picture hooks and hang it on the wall.

Trick or Treat Chalkboard - Free Halloween Crafts

What you will need:

1. Small unfinished chalkboard from craft store
2. Orange paint
3. Paintbrush
4. Halloween related stickers
5. Small Halloween cookie cutter
6. Hot glue gun
7. Glue sticks


1. Use the paintbrush to paint the wooden edge of the chalkboard orange.
2. Let the paint dry then add a second coat. Be careful not to get any paint on the slate (black) part of the chalkboard.
3. Let the second coat of paint dry.
4. Plug in the hot glue gun and make sure that a glue stick is in it.
5. When the paint has dried decide what stickers you will be placing on the chalkboard and where.
6. Using the hot glue gun, attach the cookie cutter to the bottom center of the wood edge.
7. Adhere stickers.