Halloween 'Boo' Favor Bag

Make quick and easy favor bags to give out at your Halloween party.


  1. Thick cross-stitch canvas cut in rectangle shape of 5 by 10 inches
  2. 2 Strips cut from the selvedge of the canvas for making handles
  3. Yellow circle cutout
  4. Witch cutout
  5. BOO foam letters
  6. Black yarn

How to:

1. Fold the rectangle and stitch together the two sides with black yarn using a blanket stitch.

2. Glue handles in place on the top edge of the bag formed and sew them up when doing a blanket stitch on the top edges (take care not to join the top using the stitch like the sides. This is the top of the bag).

3. Glue the large yellow cardstock cutout on the front to make the moon.

4. Glue within the moon the witch and ‘Boo’ cutouts’.