Witches' Hats – DIY Costume Project for Halloween

You can create numerous variations of this hat using different colored fabric, buckles, trim and any other decorations.

Witches' Hats - DIY Costume Project for Halloween

What you will need:

1. Black felt fabric

2. Wire (optional)

3. Scissors

4. Fabric pencil

5. Other fabric or materials needed for decorations

6. Ruler

7. Measuring tape


1. Measure the head of the person that the hat is for.

2. Mark this length with the fabric pencil on the black felt. Now mark approximately one inch out from each end of the measurement.

3. Mark the center between the two furthest out points.

4. With the ruler draw a line out from the center mark.

5. Draw a line from one of the outer marks to the center line you just drew. Do this on the other side as well so that you have made a triangle.

6. With the fabric pencil and a large circle as a template trace onto the black felt the circle underneath the triangle so that you have what looks like a large piece of pie.

7. Cut out this piece.

8. Fold the piece in half and line up the edges.

9. Sew the two edges together about a half-inch in from the end. Do not sew one inch from the bottom (widest part).

10. Turn the piece inside out, and you now have the top part of the witch’s hat.

11. On black felt draw a circle that has a diameter length of half of the head measurement.

12. Draw another circle around this circle that is five inches bigger.

13. Cut out the piece so that you have a doughnut-like shape.

14. Optional: This is if you want the brim of the hat to be stiff, if you want it to be floppy, skip this step. Fold the outer edge in one inch. Sew along the edge so that it creates a hem. Leave inch not sewn. Through this thread the wire. Sew up hole. You can shape the wire to make the hat look the way you want.

15. Slip the cone part of the hat into the smaller hole. Fold cone edges up and either hand stitch or use craft glue to attach the two parts.