Witch's Cauldron Candy Container Bag

Witch's Cauldron Candy Container Bag - DIY Halloween Costume AccessoryComplement any Witch costume with an easy Witch’s Cauldron Candy Container Bag to fill with candy when going out Trick or Treating.

What you will need:

  • Black cotton fabric – 1 yard (or depending upon how big you want your bag to be)

  • Plastic Bowl

  • Orange Felt – 1/2 yard

  • Black and White Ribbon

  • Sewing machine or Needle and Thread

  • Fabric Glue


1. Cut two circles from black fabric enough to cover the bowl being used when drawn up with a string.

2. Stitch the two circles together, leaving a small opening to turn them inside out. Turn inside out.

3. Use scissors to cut open a small slit on one side and insert ribbon through it.

4. Cut open 3 more slits one on every side and pull out some ribbon from each slit. Pulling out ribbon from all four sides will help giving the bag proper shape according to the bowl being inserted. Do not trim the ribbon till some part is hanging out from all 4 slits.

The following graphical representation will make the above steps easier.

Witch Cauldron Bag Instructions

5. Now place the bowl in the middle of the circle.

Witch Cauldron Bag Instructions 1

6. Now, start gathering the fabric by pulling all four ribbons to cover the plastic bowl. Shape it to your heart’s content and when you are done, tie a knot at each slit to keep the gathered shape intact.

Witch Cauldron Bag Instructions 2

7. Now place a square piece of orange felt at the bottom of the prepared cauldron. Position it perfectly and then, applying fabric glue to the flat base of the cauldron, glue it to the center of the felt.

Witch Cauldron Bag - Making the Flames

8. Once the glue is dry, take the cauldron and trim the remaining sides of the orange felt into flame shapes.

Witch Cauldron Bag - Making the Flames 2

9. Glue the ‘flames up on the sides of the cauldron and your cauldron on flames is ready to go trick-or-treating with your little witches!