No Sew Halloween Witch Costume

Make an easy no-sew tutu costume for your little witch (or yourself) complete with a light-weight broom and a cauldron candy container bag for trick-or-treating.

No Sew Halloween Purple Witch Costume - DIY Halloween Costume
Easy, No Sew, DIY Hallowene Witch Tutu Costume
  • Elastic – to go around waist

  • Tulle Spool – 6 inches width – Black

  • Tulle Spool – 6 inches width – Purple

  • Sequined Purple Lace – to go around waist and hat

  • Witches’ Hats (Click for instructions or use a store-bought one)

  • Plastic rod (we used one from a wrapping paper roll)


  • Black Top

  • Black Leggings

Directions for Tutu:

This dress uses a ballet tutu skirt made using a no-sew technique and a readymade black top and leggings. To make the no-sew tutu:

1. Measure elastic around the waist of the child or adult. Tie a knot at the ends of the elastic or stitch together the ends.

2. Slip the circle of elastic over a small chair to make the next part easy.

3. Cut your tulle roll into long strips measuring: desired length of the tutu x 2. You have to cut double the length because the strips will double at the elastic waist when tying. We have not given the exact length because that will depend upon the height of the child and how long you want your tutu to be.

* Alternatively, you can buy tulle or netting by the yard and cut them into strips yourself. Buying spools just makes the task easier.

4. Tie each strip to the elastic as shown. Fold each length into a ‘U’ shape and place behind the elastic. Now take the edges of the ribbon that form the top of the ‘U’, bring them to the front of the elastic and pull them from inside the base of the ‘U’.

Witch Tutu - Instructions for Tying

5. Keep tying lengths of ribbon close together along the elastic as shown above till the entire elastic is covered. For this costume, we alternated purple tulle with black tulle.

Purple and Black Net Tulle for Witch Tutu

6. The more tulle strips you add, the fluffier your tutu becomes. We have used 40 strips of purple and 40 of black tulle to get this look for a 5 year old.

DIY Halloween Witch Tutu

7. Once the tutu is done, start embellishing it. Glue or hand stitch a sequined co-ordinating lace just in the center of the front elastic. Leave the rest open to be tied behind as a belt after the tutu is put on.

Embellishing the Witch Tutu - DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Embellishing the Hat:

Witch Costume Hat RosetteEmbellish a store-bought hat by lining its base with the same sequined lace and adding a tulle rose.

Making the Tulle Rose: Use one purple strip to make the rose. Fold it in half horizontally and start rolling the folded tulle in your hand, folding the ribbon at right angles a few times.

When the entire is rolled up, fluff the flower in your hand (never letting the base go out of your pinch), and pin or hand stitch it to hold the shape. Pin or glue on the hat.

Halloween Witch Costume Hat

Tulle Witch Broom:

Give your child a light-weight broom to take along trick or treating. Use a plastic dowel rod to make one. Using black tulle strips, fold 7 or 8 of them into half vertically, group them together around the top of the dowel and use some more tulle strip to tie them together tightly.

To complete the look for Trick-or-treating, make our easy ‘Witch’s Cauldron Candy Container Bag‘ in no time.