Kids Animal Face Masks for Halloween Costumes

Kids Animal Face Masks for HalloweenThese fun masks are easy enough for kids to make, and they’ll get more use than just on Halloween night. Kids will enjoy playing with them all year long. This article gives directions on three different animal masks, a rabbit, elephant and tiger. Kids can also create their own animals using the basic methods shown here.

What you will need:

1. White school glue

2. Scissors and craft knife

3. Craft foam sheets: orange, black, 3 white, 2 light pink, 2 dark pink, green, 2 purple

4. 1 yard of ribbon in each color: black, white and pink


1. Cut 3 eight-inch circles; one out of white, one of purple and one of orange.

2. An adult needs to use the craft knife to cut eyeholes in each circle.

Making Tiger, Rabbit and Elephant Masks

3. For tiger, make two triangular ears out of orange. Then cut two smaller triangles in light pink for the inside of the ears. Cut two cat eye shapes out of green and glue over eyeholes. Have an adult cut the eyeholes into the green. Cut out a figure eight shape in white. Lay it on its side below the eyes; this will be the muzzle of the tiger. Cut out a dark pink nose and glue onto muzzle. Cut small black circles out and glue onto muzzle. Cut stripes out of black, they look best if they are long triangular shapes. Glue onto mask.

4. For the rabbit, make two long ears out of white foam, cut smaller ears out of light pink to fit inside the ears. Glue together and glue onto mask. Cut 3 inch circles out of light pink, these are the cheeks. Glue onto mask. Cut a heart shape out for the nose. Glue onto the mask. Cut a mouth shape out of the black and glue onto mask.

5. For the elephant, cut two peanut shapes out of the purple and two slightly smaller peanut shapes out of the dark pink. These will be the elephants floppy ears, so they need to be large, at least eight inches long. Glue the dark pink onto the purple and then glue to the mask. Cut a trunk out of the purple. Cut a small circle out of the dark pink and glue to the end of the trunk. Glue the trunk to the mask. Cut two three inch circles out of light pink. These are the cheeks. Glue onto the mask on either side of the trunk. Cut two large comma shapes out of the white. These will be the tusks. Glue onto the mask with the smaller points facing into the trunk.

6. Cut each color of ribbon in half. Glue onto the sides of the mask to create ties to put mask on.