DIY Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Halloween Costume for Babies

Instructions for making Jack O' Lantern Halloween Costume for Babies
DIY Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Costume for Babies

What you will need:

1. 2 yards 54″ wide orange fabric
2. Padding or stuffing
3. ¾ yards green fabric
4. Measuring tape
5. ¾ yards of half-inch elastic
6. Dark brown or black shirt and pants
7. Orange “beanie” style hat
8. Black felt
9. Scissors
10. Orange ribbon


1. Lay out orange fabric and cut two rectangles 21″ long and 54″ wide.

2. Place rectangles on top of each other, so that the edges line up. If needed use pins to hold in place.

3. To create the arm seams, sew four inches down from top edge on the 21″ side of the rectangle.

4. Leave 5″ opening from stitch made in step three for the arms.

5. Below 5″ opening sew the side seams, so that you have created what looks like a large tank top.

6. On the bottom turn up edges 1″. Make sure that this is done with the two pieces of fabric separated, this is going to be a hem, you do not want to sew the two pieces together.

7. Pin and sew along edge so that there is a 1″ opening all around the bottom of the garment.

8. Repeat this process on the top part where the head hole is.

9. Thread elastic through the bottom 1″ opening.

10. Pull the elastic until you have desired opening size, then sew.

11. Thread ribbon through the top 1″ opening and leave long ends so that it can be tied after putting on child.

12. Cut leaf shapes from green fabric.

13. Sew onto neckline.

14. Create a Jack O’ Lantern face out of the black felt.

15. Sew onto front of orange shirt.

16. Sew leaves and stem onto orange hat.

17. Put garment on child and stuff from the bottom with enough padding to make it look rounded.