Honeybee Costume for Infants and Toddlers

DIY Honeybee Halloween Costume for Infants and ToddlersWhat you will need:

  • Plain black dress

  • Wide yellow ribbon

  • Fusible Web or Fabric Glue

  • Wire

  • Black net fabric

  • Tube paints with tip applicator

  • Headband

  • Black felt

  • Yellow pom-poms

  • pipe cleaners or black chenille sticks


1. Sew, glue or fuse the yellow ribbon in horizontal stripes on the black dress.

2. Bend the wires to form wings. Cover with black net, gather together in the centre and secure with a few stitches.

3. Use tube paints to directly paint designs over the wings.

4. Wrap the headband with a piece of black felt in the centre. Glue the sides under the headband.

5. Wind the pipe cleaners around a pencil to make them spiral. Glue one end to the felt on the headband and on the other end, insert the pom-poms.