Halloween Costumes for Women – Our Favorite Picks for 2013

Halloween costume ideas for women go much beyond the regular witch and angel costumes. Give the local mall a skip and pick online from our favorites this year. From classy to sexy, we have all but the trashy Halloween costumes for women listed here:

Royal Queen, Princess & Empress Costumes

Queen of Hearts Costume

Queen of Hearts Costume

Command armies of cards at your disposal or enjoy a
pleasant game of croquet wearing our Queen of Hearts
costume. This full length gown has an attached peplum,
tulle petticoat, long black cuffed sleeves, a checker
pattern bodice with heart front, and a black velvet
jeweled choker.

Enchanting Princess Cinderella Costume

Enchanting Princess Cinderella Costume

You’ll be sure to best your evil step-sisters in the
end with our Enchanting Princess Cinderella costume.
This blue satin and brocade ball gown includes an
attached peplum, a hoop petticoat, long white gloves,
black jeweled choker, and sequined tiara.

Elegant Empress Costume

Elegant Empress Costume

Try your hand as the aristocratic plotter in our
Elegant Empress costume. This full length burgundy gown
has burgundy and gold print detail, gathered sleeves, a white ruffled collar,
and white and gold detail on the bodice.

Cleopatra Deluxe Costume

Cleopatra Deluxe Costume

The Queen of the Nile never looked quite so
beautiful. Cleopatra costume includes full length satin
gown with waist sash, gold apron drop, sequin collar,
long cape and beaded headpiece.

Dark Wicked Queen Costume

Dark Wicked Queen Costume

Beauty, power and fear! All words used to describe
the ruling Wicked Queen. Costume includes full-length
gown with attached peplum, petticoat, sequined crown and
jeweled lace choker.

Far East Empress

Far East Empress

Refined beauty, confidence and a quiet sensuality
become yours when you dress in the Far East Empress
costume. Costume includes full length satin embroidered
gown, waist sash, flower headpiece, fan.

Viking Princess Costume

Viking Princess Costume

She’s the Beauty of the Norse and can make even the
bravest warrior tremble before her. She’s traveled from
the Volga to Greenland, acquiring a vast wealth in her
plundering. Show yourself the elegant prehistoric leader
with our Viking Princess costume.

Mid Summer Nights Costume

Mid Summer Nights Costume

You’ll be the delight of the court in our adult sized Mid Summer Nights
costume! This has long sleeves, white lace neckline,
cuffs, sheer
white outer skirting, ribbon, and daisy detail. A separate corset style
bodice has gold under white lace fabric, and has a
triple lace up front and a matching gold and white
handbag and headpiece.

Deluxe Snow Costume

Deluxe Snow White Costume

Do you like cleaning strange houses that you find in
the woods? Choose your apples carefully, or you’ll be
cooking and cleaning for a long time! This corset style
top has puff sleeves, lace up
back, and white ruffle fringe neckline. The
yellow full length skirt has a large red bow at the
back, and a red bow headband is also included.

Baroness Costume – $59.99
Whether you are attempting a look that’s more royal
or colonial, this Baroness costume is perfect. The
Baroness comes with a bronze colored dress with a brown
patchwork style inset, and ruffled poet’s sleeves. You
can adorn your hair with the included feathered
headpiece and choose from our period wigs.

Royal Court Queen – Wine Costume – $59.99
This Royal Court Queen commands respect and makes it
known that insolence will not be tolerated in her
kingdom! The adult Royal Court Queen costume includes
full length velvet gown and comes with a gold crown to
ensure you receive the royal treatment.

Egyptian Pyramid Princess Costume – $44.99

Walk along the banks of the Nile River wrapped in
mystery and intrigue. This elegant costume includes a
classically styled Egyptian dress, a gold trimmed
collar, and coordinating gilded accessories, including a
belt, ornate headpiece and matching wrist bands.


Angels & Fairies

Fallen Angel Costume

Fallen/Gothic  Angel Costume

This elaborate costume shows that celestial
beings can fall! From its full-length lace and organza
detail gown to its gray halo and
organza wings, this costume has been
painstakingly frayed and tattered to create this look.

Woodland Fairy – $79.99

As pretty as the flowers and as flirty as a
butterfly. The Woodland Fairy costume includes satin
and organza layered dress, waist sash with flower
applique accent and matching hair clip. Wings
available for separate purchase. Petticoat shown is
not included.

Enchanting Fairy – $69.99

In this Enchanting Fairy costume, you will even
have the boys frolicking after you in the meadows,
completely under your spell!  This
earthy-looking costume features a puckered taffeta
corset top, layered petal skirt, mesh underskirt and
iridescent wings.

Pixie Lust Tinkerbell Costume – $54.99

This magical pixie will make all your dreams come
true.  Includes metallic microfiber iridescent
dress with a sequined gold decorative applique and
uneven hem with gold sequin accents.  Also
includes pixie dust purse, gold headband, want and
light-up wings with additional set of batteries for
those really long nights.

Naughty Dark Angel Costume – $69.99

Best be on your guard when this angel goes bad!
There’ll be no guessing whether you’re naughty or
nice in our Naughty Dark Angel costume! This black
and silver dress has sheer bubble skirting, black
ribbon trim, and ribbon lace up front with riveted
ring eyelet fasteners. You should check our
selection of real feather wings to complete your

Heavenly Angel Costume – $59.99

Become an enchanted supreme being when you wear
this beautiful Heavenly Angel Adult Costume that is
also divinely hot!  Costume Includes: Marabou trimmed Dress with Ribbon
detail and Sheer Sleeves.  Halo and Wings are
available for a separate purchase.  Rest
assured, even though you are a stunning Heavenly
Angel in white, it’s okay to be just a bit naughty

Elegant Victorian/Old Fashioned Ladies

Victorian Lady Costume

Victorian Lady Costume

There was once a time when a lady
didn’t show her ankles! Embody pure sophistication
when you wear our Adult Victorian Lady costume. This
classic costume includes a full-length dress with
lace details, a fitted bodice and gathered design.
It is available in either cream or purple, and in
sizes S (4-6), M (8-10), and L (10-12).

Colonial Woman Costume

Colonial Woman Costume

Travel back in time when you wear our Adult
Colonial Woman costume. This ensemble will remind
people of our country’s history as you resemble a
woman from the late 1700s who is ready to embrace
patriotism and puritanical values. The historical
costume includes the long, dark skirt and blouse,
with attached bows and detailing.

Renaissance Maiden CostumeShow off your
courtly salon skills in our Renaissance Maiden
costume. This full length maroon gown has puff
shoulders, drape sleeves, matching gold accent front
slit and glovelette sleeves, gold trim along the
neckline and waist, and gold paisley pattern accent
up the midriff. A matching paisley pattern headpiece
is also included, with sheer maroon drape.

Scary/Mystery Character Costumes

Ghostly Lady Costume

Ghostly Lady Costume

Try this gussied up ghost for your
Halloween haunting. The adult Ghostly Lady comes
complete with a tattered full length gown that’s
sure to turn heads all evening. The costume also
includes a tulle petticoat and a coordinated,
fashionable hat. Of course, the look isn’t complete
without a set of ethereal gloves, and a matching
wig. The addition of some grey makeup will ensure
that you will be ready to haunt all night long!

Fortune Teller Costume

Fortune Teller Costume

She can stare into the sands of time and read the
mystic cards to find answers to everyday problems.
You’ll be sure you want to stop by her caravan to
get your reading! This elaborate Fortune Teller costume includes an aqua
pattern scarf skirt, a ruffled underskirt with
attached tulle petticoat, a red faux sequin waist
sash and bandana, an embossed vinyl belt, and six
fortune teller cards. Add some gypsy boots to create
additional authenticity.

Medusa Costume
Medusa Costume

Transform yourself into the ancient serpent
goddess when you dress up in our Adult Medusa
costume. This deluxe costume features a beautiful
satin gown, complete with shimmer fabric detailing
and sheer sleeves. The costume also includes a
slithery snake necklace and an impressive snake
headpiece to wear on your head as you impersonate
the famous Gorgon sister. You’ll embody the lithe
seductiveness of this goddess!

Boneyard Bride Costume

Boneyard Bride Costume

The Boneyard Bride is the perfect date for our
Boneyard Groom. Costume includes gown with printed
skeleton graphics and lace details, veil with
printed mask, chiker with bow tie and dead rose
bouquet. Make up shown not included.

Gothic Vampira Costume

Gothic Vampira Costume

Warn your friends to watch out on the full moon
when you wear our Gothic Vampira costume. This full
length lace-trimmed black panne and burgundy shimmer
satin gown includes a tulle petticoat, and a black
velvet choker with red jewel.

Wicked Witch of the West Costume

Wicked Witch of the West Costume

You’ll have everyone a little on edge with this
Wicked Witch of the West Costume! Includes a full length gown and tulle petticoat, to
create an impressively wicked look. Accessorize with
the included witch’s hat and
black nails.

Candy Corn Witch Costume – $49.99

Combining trick or treating with a little black
magic, dabble in the dark side with this yummy gartered
dress, which sports a white peasant top with black
corseted detail. Top it all off with the included
striped stockings, bow, and whimsical Kandy Korn

Gothic Manor Ghost Bride Costume – $84.99

Undead brides are a symbol of sadness, tragedy
and sometimes–revenge! This Gothic Manor Ghost
Bride costume comes with an unearthly dress and

Fang Bangin’ Fun Vamp Costume – $54.99

This Lady Vampire has one heck of a bite and a
insatiable desire for blood. Includes stretch knit dress with contrast burgandy scalloped edge neckline. Includes
iridescent satin black/burgandy stand up collar
removable cape with scalloped edge, belt with pentagram and choker.

TV/Movie Characters

Anime Supergirl – $84.99

Anime fans rejoice with the introduction of the
Anime Supergirl costume. Includes bare bidriff top
with Supergirl logo, matching wrap skirt, panties,
cape, gloves, wristbands and matching boot tops.

Toy Story Jessie Costume – $64.99

Inspired by the movie Toy Story 2,
our officially licensed Jessie costume is
designed after her likeness. This jumpsuit costume
features cow print legs, yellow cuffs and collar
with Western loop design, and an attached belt. A yellow
hair bow and red cowboy hat are also included.

Sexy Gangster Suit Costume – $59.99

She is a sharp shooter and sharp dresser. This
lady hitman will empty both barrels if that’s what
she needs to do to get the job done! This costume
includes a white jacket, skirt, sexy fishnet
stockings and a tie with dollar sign.

Princess Leia Costume – $59.99

Embody an even sexier version of the already hot
Princess Leia this Halloween!  The costume includes a white
dress with thigh-high slits as well as a matching
belt. You must have Princess Leia’s signature hair
so the costume also includes a wig with her
trademark coiled buns.

Star Trek Classic Deluxe Red Dress Costume

matter how old you are, you’ll always remember
seeing Capt. Kirk, Scotty, Spock, Sulu, Chekov, Dr.
McCoy and Uhura fly through space inside the
Enterprise! Costume Includes: Dress and emblem
pin.  Show your rank as a member of Starfleet
within the United Federation of Planets!

Miss Kruger Costume – $59.99

Meet Miss Freddy Krueger. Who knew evil could be
this sexy but even villians need a special lady
friend too! Miss Krueger Costume includes tattered
mini sweater dress with slashes across the midriff,
glove and hat. It’s scary how sexy you will look in
this costume.

Lady Gaga Costume Dress – $59.99

Be the star of your own Video Music Awards
performance when you wear our Lady Gaga white and
jeweled costume. Includes: Top with attached
sleeve, shorts, boot tops and eye mask. Add our Lady Gaga
makeup kit to turn into the most popular female artists of all

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Ladies Raphael
– $59.99

Out of the sewer and looking fresher than ever.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume includes green
lurex mini dress with matching arm ties and faux
fabric shell. Also includes matching eye mask. Boots
shown are not included.

Batgirl Costume – $54.99

Batgirl is the go-to superhero
for helping keep the streets of Gotham City clean.
This form fitting, sexy dress comes with an attached
cape, coordinated glovelettes, and a vinyl eye mask
to add a touch of mysterious allure. This Batgirl
costume also comes with a vinyl belt and boot tops,
to finish off the look.

Lady Zorro Costume – $54.99

This hot costume will have everyone wondering who
the lady behind the mask really is. The costume
features a snug-cut top, matching skirt and
complementing waist sash. It also includes a black
cape, gauntlets and a trademark Zorro mask.

Supergirl Costume – $54.99

Supergirl comes into the 21s century at long
last.  Supergirl costume includes dress with
lame’ skirt (attached), attached lame cape, belt and
matching boot tops.

Lady Gaga Poker Face Dress – $49.99

Become the Lady herself when you wear our Poker
Face Video Swimsuit. Costume includes: Blue Swimsuit and Gloves. Don’t forget your Lady Gaga
glasses, wig and makeup kit for an even bigger hand!

Lady Gaga Sequin Dress – $49.99

Be your own work of art when you wear this Lady
Gaga Black Sequin Dress. This fabulous two toned
Adult Costume includes: Black/White Dress and
matching Mask. Be sure to add our Lady Gaga makeup
kit and wig to complete your look.

Mrs. Incredible Costume – $44.99

Flex your superhero muscles and dress up in our
Adult Mrs. Incredible costume. This costume includes a
character-inspired jumpsuit, belt and mask–all made
to look like those worn by the animated hero. This
costume comes in one size and will fit ladies sizes
8 to 12.

Minnie Mouse Costume – $44.99

You’ll have Mickey following you around all night
when you wear our Adult Minnie Mouse Costume! This cute costume
includes Minnie’s trademark red and white polka dot
dress with a white sash to tie around your waist. It
also features a headband with mouse ears and polka
dot bow.

Cultural Costumes

Egyptian Queen Costume – $79.99

You will bow down for this Egyptian Queen at the
snap of her fingers. This four piece Egyptian
costume includes the jewel trimmed top, skirt, arm
piece, and headband. Make sure to take a look at our
selection of shoes that would match with this

Deluxe Spanish Senorita Costume – $69.99

Ariba!  Get ready to dance in this super
sexy Deluxe Senorita costume!  Everyone will be
watching you do your flamenco!  This alluring
ensemble features a dress with black and red detail,
and headpiece.

Bollywood Indian Beauty Costume – $64.99

Recreate the energizing fantasy feeling of a
Bollywood Musical Film, when you strut your stuff in
this sexy Bollywood Costume.  Includes: Crop
Top with Gold Coin trim and Sari with Chiffon Wrap.
Check out our wig, shoe and Gypsy coin accessory
selections to complete.

Hippie Love Child Costume – $64.99

Getting ready for a Love Inn and can’t find a
thing to wear?  The Hippie Love Child should
fit the bill.  Costume includes maxie dress
with fringed vest and matching headband.  Check
out our great selection of wigs and sunglasses
to complete your look.  One size fits ladies
size 6-10.

Indian Chic Princess Costume – $62.99

Native American style three-piece costume includes a
faux suede underwire corset, a coordinating skirt,
and a traditional Native American headpiece. Be sure
to take a look at our selection of furry boots, too,
so that you can take the heat of this look into the
cold frontier winters.

Disco Mamma Costume – $59.99

Bogart the dance floor and represent the decade
of disco! She’s on fire in a psychedelic
stretch fabric jumpsuit with flared layered arms and
legs and a flashy pink sequin belt with jeweled
buckle.  Top it off with some seventies
earrings, platform shoes and a stylish wig.

Saki Tu Me Geisha Costume – $54.99

Experience the Orient with Saki Tu Me.  This
Asian inspired costume includes a microfiber dress
with plunging neckline, foil print detail, contrast
silver foil accents and adjustable hem length with
tassel detail.  Also includes hair ornament,
tassel trimmed satin ribbon neckband and faux

Jasmine Belly Dancer Costume – $44.99

Twirl and twist and entertain everyone in the tent
or at the party just like Jasmine. This two-piece
Jasmine costume in purple stretch velvet has a tie
back top with gold coin trim. The balloon pants with
panty attached have pink and purple sheers and gold
coin trim. To add to your sultry belly dance a pink
scarf is included.

Mystic Gypsy Costume – $39.99

See into the future and read
fortunes as you gaze into your crystal ball when you
dress up in our Adult Mystic Gypsy Costume! This
magical and mysterious costume includes a one-piece,
long dress as well as a coined headpiece and a
metallic wrap scarf. This costume will fit all
ladies, up to size 14.

Professions Costumes

Girl Race Car Driver Costume – $54.99
Va Va Vroooom! Girl Race Car Driver is sure to turn
heads in this racy little number. This Girl
Race Car Driver can maneuver easily in her sleek black lycra dress with fuchsia checked racing stripes and
matching long sleeved lycra crop jacket.

Grand Slam Costume – $54.99

Includes light blue stretch knit
button front dress with sequin embroidered Grand Slam
applique and heat transfer number 10 detail on back.
Also includes stretch knit short with elastic waist,
baseball cap and athletic knee high socks.

Touch Down Hottie Costume – $54.99

Costume includes stretch knit dress with football mesh
insets, and pleated hem, shoulder pads and Touch Down
screen print on front.  Includes belt with purse,
hair ribbon ties, athletic socks and football stocking

Nurse Drew Blood Costume – $54.99

Sexy Nurse
costume includes stretch knit dress with build-in underwire bra with lightly padded cups, glitter cross
appilques, foil piping, hook and eye back strap and
functional heart pocket detail.  Includes hat,
stocking clips, faux needle pen and removable Nurse Drew
Blood name badge.

Spartan Cheerleader Female Costume – $39.99

Our Adult Spartan Cheerleader Female costume will
transform you into the cutesy and hilarious cheerleader
from the Saturday Night Live sketches. The costume
includes the trademark Spartan top and a matching
pleated skirt.

Playboy Cop Costume – $59.99

from: HalloweenMartThis sexy officer will have
men surrendering to her every whim. Official Playboy
Officer Bunny costume includes three-way stretch dress,
hand-cuff belt, and matching hat.

Sexy and Naughty

Trixie Bondage Corset Costume Set

Trixie Bondage Corset Costume Set

This costume includes a black faux leather corset
with pink ribbon lace up back, removable garters
with pink bows, black faux leather skirt, long
stretch satin gloves, and fishnet thigh highs.

Hot Honey Bee Costume

Hot Honey Bee Costume

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. The Honey
Bee costume includes pleather bikini top, ultra
micro mini skirt trimmed in yellow fringe and fringe
pom pom headband and black and yellow fur leg

Hot Lady Bug Costume

Hot Lady Bug Costume

Close on the heels of the Honey Bee is this cute
lady bug.

Includes tie-back skirt, halter top, headband
with pom-poms and Lady Bug Leg Warmers.

Racy Robin Hood Costume

Racy Robin Hood Costume

Guaranteed to be the
hottest brigand in Sherwood Forest, this outfit will
hit the mark.
This lace up vinyl and velvet trimmed dress has
matching light yellow detached puff sleeves,
petticoat, and bodice. Includes Robin Hood hat with red feather, belt, coin
purse, and boot covers.

Groovy Baby Costume

Groovy Baby Costume

You can be the hottest chic at the party in the
Groovy Baby costume. Includes fringed halter top,
matching micro mini skirt, mohair front vest and fur
and fringed leg warmers.

Burlesque Babe Costume

Burlesque Babe Costume

Fall in love
with a gunslinger with our Burlesque Babe costume.
This black cascade dress has sheer skirting and a
pink bodice with black bows, sheer overlay, and
ruffle trim. Black striped stockings, tap shorts,
fingerless gloves, and a top hat with pink hat band
and pink feather.

Pirate Maiden Costume

Pirate Maiden Costume

You’ve never looked so gorgeous and gregarious
than you will in this Pirate Maiden Costume! This
classic costume features a frilly white dress with
corset-like bodice for the ultimate wayfaring effect
that will have men willing to swab the decks just
for a glimpse at you!

Queen of Broken Hearts Costume – $103.99

Ever felt that you’ll never get over your broken
heart? This Queen of Broken Hearts costume is for
you! Includes minidress with sheer stand up collar, puff
sleevelettes, petticoat, wide-mesh fishnet
stockings, jeweled choker and broken heart crown.

Pink Brocade Pirate Costume – $99.99

The seven seas will be a lot more fashionable
when this Pink Pirate starts sailing. This Pink Pirate is
ready to pillage and plunder to get exactly what she
desires. Pink Pirate costume
includes lace dress, jacket, hat, boot covers and

SWAT Hottie Costume – $99.99

She is hot and looking for trouble with a capital
T.  The Swat Hottie costume includes three way
stretch pants, zip front top with open side detail
and SWAT logo on back, belt, handcuffs and matching
SWAT baseball cap.

Magnificent Gangster Pimp Costume – $94.99

Catch the eye of everyone in the club with our
adult Magnificent Gangster Pimp costume. This zipper
front full length black robe has pink cuffs, collar,
and ribbon back cincher. Also includes a black top
with pink ruffle detail, and black boyshorts with
pink ribbon.

Bad Kitty Cat Costume – $84.99

Whether looking for her Tom Cat or a
Batman in the belfry, Bad Kitty Cat is sure to get
what she is looking for. Bad Kitty Cat comes with
faux leather mask, underwire bra top, attached
pants, gloves and whip. MEOW!!!!

The Sushi’s On Me Costume – $84.99

This Sushi Platter is as fresh as it gets.
The Sushi’s On Me costume includes flesh colored
body suit with attached Sushi variety and matching
headpiece.  One size fits ladies size 6-10.

Wild West Sheriff Costume – $74.99

You can be the sexiest Wild West Sheriff in town
with this six-piece costume!   Includes
Top, Vest, Necktie, Badge, Fringed Detailed Pants &
Holster with Two Guns.

Naughty Cupid Costume – $69.99

This Naughty Cupid Costume includes: Top, Skirt,
Arrow and Wings.  (petticoat, leggings and
shoes not included). Check out our shoes and
leggings to complete your ultra sexy Naughty Cupid
costume look.

Boarding School Girl Costume – $64.99

Boarding School Girl costume
includes woven cotton bustier with lycra back,
lace-up back detail, snap closure, plaid lycra
pleated skirt with kilt pin, sheer tube top,
crotchless panty, collar with attached tie and
thigh-high stockings.

Sassy Sailor Costume – $64.99

She will turn every head on ship and shore.
The Sassy Sailor costume includes zip front vest
with brass button detail and plunging neckline,
matching ruffle skirt and sailor gob hat with anchor

Lucky Charm Leprechaun Costume – $59.99

This cute costume
includes a green vest covered in gold shamrocks, as
well as a matching green jacket trimmed with gold. A
full green skirt with a gold shamrock on it, as well
as a bow tie and belt, are also included with the

Big D Cheerleader Costume – $59.99

Cheer your favorite team on to victory in our Big
D Cheerleader costume. It includes pleated mini
skirt and matching bikini style top and two pom poms.
This costume is super short so why not add a pair of
ruffled panties for a sexy surprise to go with the
high kicks!!!

Devil Queen Costume – $49.99

It’s not only the devils you will be queen over
when you’re wearing this seductive Devil Queen
costume; everyone will be following your commands!
This sexy costume comes with a sequin dress, cape
with attached armbands, and horns.

Playboy Magician Costume – $50.00

Playboy’s Magician costume includes
velvet vest with low-cut neck line and jeweled
Playboy Rabbit Head closure, matching boy shorts
with silver bunny accents, satin gloves, bowtie and
coordinating magician hat with hidden Rabbit Head