5 of the Best Vampire Costume Ideas for Halloween

For more than 300 years, vampires have been one of our most beloved horror villains  Debonair, dangerous and desirable, the vampire has become an intrinsic part of our culture.

Vampire costumes are arguably the most popular classic choice for Halloween, so much so, it’s almost a cliché. If you’re intent on being a vampire or vampiress this Halloween, consider a costume that is daring and different. Take a look at these 5 vampire costume ideas for this Halloween:

Costume Ideas

1. Dracula

Vampire Mens Halloween Costume


This classic story is the most popular vampire story of all time and a classic Halloween costume. Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula was the modern birth of this character into popular literature, fiction and later film.  The character of Dracula has grown into many different forms, but this deep velvet vest and cape is a sophisticated classic Dracula costume that is a great choice for any men. (plus, a good excuse to carry around a glass of red wine at all times).

2. Twilight Costumes

twilight bella costume

The recent popularity in vampire culture has been largely due to the Twilight series of novels and films, which has reinterpreted and romanticised vampires for a new generation.  This vampire costume is loosely based on Bella, the main female character in the series, and adds a touch of gothic costume design with the corset and fishnets.

3. Vampiress

vampiress costume for women

Female vampires are now equally as popular in vampire fiction. Their bloodlust is just as strong, and there are so many fantastic vampire costumes available for women. This one below has a witchy-feel to it, a Charmed-esque quality to it. A full-length gothic inspired ball gown with a blood red satin front. This look is glamourous and sexy for Halloween.

4. Rogue Vampire

rogue vampire costume

This men’s theatrical costume features a large collar, cravat and cape and medallion necklace. Inspired by the 1994 film Interview With The Vampire (and the Anne Rice book by the same name), this is a classically elegant vampire costume that will be sure to have the ladies hanging around all night.

5. Disney Costumes

sassy aurora costume

Don’t want to dress as a vampire? Be the sleeping beauty who meets the vampire of her dreams. Or, consider a ghostly white dress and go as a Bride of Dracula. Men can imitate the Dracula from ‘Hotel Transylvania’.

Happy Halloween! Have a fantastic night and remember to return to your coffin before sunset! Have a great idea for customizing your vampire or vampires costume? Share it below.