4 Best Father-Child Halloween Costumes

Just in time for Father’s Day, we posted on our FB wall these 4 prize winning Father-Child Halloween costumes creative minds came up with.

Are you looking to make your Halloween costumes really special by co-ordinating costumes with your children? There is more you can do than Mr. Incredible. Here are some ideas creative Dads came up with, that are sure to inspire you:

Father Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas - Swapping Costumes
This father-daughter team have swapped their costumes. While the sweet little daughter is dressed in Daddy’s suit, Daddy has switched office clothes for a Ballet tutu!
Father Daughter Power Loader Halloween Costume
‘Aliens’ Power Loader Daddy made his little baby ‘Ripley’! Image Credit: Jason Smith via Reddit Get details on how the costume was made.
Father Daughter Spidey Octopus Halloween Costume
Who says Spider-man is just for Boys? Daddy dressed up as villain Doctor Octopus, stands behind the lovely Spiderman Girl ready to sling her web at him. Image via Pinterest
Father Son Halloween Costume
Ok…so we do not condone this, but it is hilarious! Daddy dressed up as a Whiskey bottle with a junior Marlboro pack trailing along with his trick-or-treat bag. Image via Pinterest