11 Easy Homemade Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Trick or Treat! Whether your child wants to be a witch, skeleton, sorcerer, ghoul or even a duck; kids tall and small will love these easy to create handmade Halloween costume ideas. Long before people started spending like crazy on store-bought costumes, simple homemade kids Halloween costume ideas were sought after and created with all the satisfaction of a creative mind. Browse our ideas for 11 creative costume ideas that are non-fussy and quick to make. Most of them are no-sew or involve very little sewing.

11 Easy Homemade Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Colorful Bird Costume

DIY Colorful Bird Kids Costume for Halloween

This colorful bird costume is easy to make. Cut feather accents and wings from pieces of felt, then attach to a plain cotton jumpsuit. Decorate a baseball cap to make the bill and eyes.

2. Cute Bug Costume

DIY Cute Bug Kids Costume for Halloween

How about a cute bug costume? Just sandwich foam between layers of silk to make the wings and front. Use fusible strips, and no sewing is necessary. Cut the brim from a baseball cat to make the ladybug’s head.

3. Duck Costume

DIY Duck Kids Costume for Halloween

This simple duck costume is little more than a rubber rain slicker and boots. Decorate with glued-on felt to make the duck feet and other touches. As a bonus, this costume is great for a rainy Halloween night.

4. Fringed Ghoul

DIY Fringed Ghoul Kids Costume for Halloween

Another costume that starts with black sweatpants and a sweatshirt is this scary-looking fringed ghoul. Again, attach strips of felt with fusible backing.

5. Lion Costume

DIY Lion Kids Costume for Halloween

Jumpsuits make great starting points for toddler costumes. This lion’s mane is made from macrame cord that’s been rolled up like fringe and sewn onto the hood.

6. Magician Costume

DIY Magician Kids Costume for Halloween

Make a satin cape for a magician’s costume. Simply add a hat, wand and maybe even a fake mustache.

7. No-Sew Skeleton Costume

DIY No-Sew Magician Kids Costume for Halloween

A great last-minute idea is this no-sew skeleton costume. Just decorate black sweatpants and a sweatshirt with white felt that’s attached with fusible backing.

8. Pumpkin Costume

DIY Pumpkin Kids Costume for Halloween

This pumpkin costume is also easy to make. Simply sandwich the foam between two layers of orange felt, decorate the front piece with a jack-o’-lantern motif and attach the front and back with elastic bands.

9. Witch Costume

DIY Witch Kids Costume for Halloween

Combine a store-bought hat and cape with other elements such as ribbon, flowers, bows and straw to create this elegant witch costume.

10. Wizard Costume

DIY Wizard Kids Costume for Halloween

Create a wizard costume by simply making long gowns out of colorful fabric. Make hats by interfacing fabric and decorating with celestial accents such as stars and moons.

11. Handy Man Costume

DIY Handy Man Kids Halloween Costume

A yellow hard hat, safety goggles and a tool belt are all that is needed to put together this Handy Man costume over any regular clothes.


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